In-store pick-up

Is the "pick up in store" service free?

This service is offered to you, regardless of the amount of your purchase, the type of device or product you purchase.

What products can be picked up in store?

Most products (excluding large appliances) can be picked up in store. You recognize them throughout your journey thanks to the mention "in-store pick-up".

How to place a "pick up in store" order?

If you wish, you can select a pick-up store even before choosing your products, add your products to the cart; click on the "Complete your order" button; select the delivery method "Pick up in store".

Delivery by post:

Buy without moving, your order is delivered to you, as soon as possible, at home or at the address you specified when ordering.

The delivery time depends on the availability of the products you have ordered. It is also important to remember that the order is shipped to you after validation. So, if you have chosen to pay by cash deposit in a bank branch or by bank transfer, the calculation of the delivery time (in working days) will be done from the moment we have received your payment and validated your order.

The price of delivery depends on the weight of the products you have chosen.

To have more visibility on the delivery of your goods, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, upon receipt of your payment, informing you that your order has been validated and shipped. In addition, you can always closely follow the processing of your order on anydesk from your account.

Express delivery in Casablanca:

If you live in Casablanca, order your products and we will deliver to you within 24 hours (after shipment). This option is valid for orders made from Monday to Friday for delivery from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays (items in stock only).

To benefit from express delivery, please choose payment by credit card as it requires a quick processing time. If you prefer payment by cash deposit at a bank branch or by bank transfer, we will deliver to you within 24 hours of receiving your payment.